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When the tough went away and kept going. Did it get you somewhere?

Ok. I had a pretty fun day today – staying off from the computer/tablet/smartphone-stuff and hanging out with little F. in the afternoon.

Grandpa W. had his birthday-party today. So, I took a photo, that would represent my current state of mind:

tiny skateboard

In the meantime, the postman brought a “present” from druckhelden, an online printing company:

druckhelden papiermuster

So now: I’m connected again and I’ll start the creative part of the weekend. You’ll notice some new posts if you come back in a couple of hours.

Oh! BTW: did you grab my RSS feed already? Come on folks, let me know what you’re up to. Register and leave a comment. Or: write an Email to – yeah, that’s my official company Email address. Let’s connect and start a project! Let me remix one of your songs, let’s remix some artwork, let’s share your visuals, let’s use this freakin’ internet to create something beautiful – something that will last and leave traces in this digital world and way beyond!

Do it! :)


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